From Digital Beginnings to Live Revival: The Story Behind the Deanna Li release of ‘Deserve Your Love’ Live Version

Created on 29 August, 2023Music • 168 views

Recounting the making of “Deserve Your Love”, from virtual connections to its live re-release by VLive. Dive into a tale of faith, collaboration, and musical evolution.

The “Writer’s Playlist”

Created on 31 March, 2023 • 261 views

TRCDistro & HEATWaveBeatClub’s “Writer’s Playlist” Making a Big Change in Song Placements

TÛLOM is “The Universal Language of Music”

Created on 30 March, 2023 • 359 views

“Unlock the Universal Language of Music with TÛ"

TRCDistro “Virtual Signing Parties”

Created on 30 March, 2023 • 264 views

Signing Labels & Musicians Giving Them All The Tools Upfront