From Digital Beginnings to Live Revival: The Story Behind the Deanna Li release of ‘Deserve Your Love’ Live Version

Created on 29 August, 2023Music • 173 views • 2 minutes read

Recounting the making of “Deserve Your Love”, from virtual connections to its live re-release by VLive. Dive into a tale of faith, collaboration, and musical evolution.

Music is about capturing emotions, weaving stories, and resonating souls. In the realm of gospel, our recent collaboration on “Deserve Your Love” stands as a testament to these beliefs. This song, harmonizing the pulse of urban-contemporary styles with the deep-seated messages of faith, has been an exhilarating journey from day one.

The City’s Rhythm Meets Gospel’s Soul

The city’s heartbeats – its hustle, dreams, and the constant drive – are encapsulated in urban-contemporary tunes. When you merge this with the unchanging teachings of gospel, you’re crafting a bridge between generations. That’s what “Deserve Your Love” represents for us.

Digital Connections Breeding Real-World Collaborations

Our story took a unique route. It was in the digital alleys of the Voisey app during quarantine where I first connected with TracMuzik and Deanna Li. Voisey’s acquisition and eventual sunset by Snapchat in 2021 made our bond even more special. It’s intriguing – an app that was momentarily present became the birthplace of a partnership that’s still thriving.

However, it was post-Voisey’s departure that we welcomed the incredible talents of Chucky Rooztah on guitar. His contributions added a new dimension to our musical endeavors, giving it a flavor that’s distinct yet harmonized.

Breathing New Life into a Masterpiece

Recognizing the depth and potential of “Deserve Your Love,” originally voiced by Deanna Li and reigning as the top TRCDistro song, VLive decided it deserved a fresh, live makeover. I’m elated to share that our band was on the frontline of this reimagined version. With Deanna’s compelling voice, TracMuzik’s rhythmic production, my synergy on the keyboards, and Chucky Rooztah’s transformative guitar vibes from LA, this live version is nothing short of immersive.

Universal Echoes of Unconditional Love

Keyiara Sallie’s penmanship on the song is nothing short of brilliant. She paints a canvas with words that emphasize God’s ever-present love and the grace that covers us, even when we falter and feel undeserving.

Final Thoughts

“Deserve Your Love” is more than melodies and lyrics; it represents our journey, a bond crafted in a digital world, and a story of undying human connections in an ever-evolving landscape. Here’s hoping you connect with every note and word as much as we did while creating it.


Stay connected, and let the music play on!